Our Quality Policy

we believe that perfection is the main pillar to prove our presence in local and Gulf markets, so our basic principle in Kastero Metal Co. is high- quality and accuracy production, In order to achieve this; there is a team of qualified engineers and skilled workers having long experience in this field, in the presence of management have mastered the art of project management.

Our services

In kastero metal Co. we are keen to keep up with market requirements and provide the different needs of customers by usual development of our production tools, improve our functioning  production lines and usual training of our employers , and decreasing  a lot of time and effort by  preparing different molds and stamps ready to be used in times of need.


Our industries

We have in kastero Metal Co. many different industries for example: Different steel structure work, sunshades, steel doors, umbrellas, stairs, billboards advertising ,Tanks of different sizes and shapes, Handrails, and galvanizing and coating various metal surfaces and we have specialized in stainless steel work in all its different forms and types, in addition to all kinds  of glass works.

We are specialized field in metals with a 40 years experience of success and progress in this field


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